Michelle Malkin Rips Apart Santorum’s Satan Lovin’ Attackers

Since when is considered bad to not like Satan?
Since Rick Santorum started saying bad things about him. Now Satan seems to be the Democrat’s biggest ally:

The secular media hounds (as well as GOP rivals) have framed Rick Santorum as a THEOCRAT!
— and they’ll say and do anything to lock him in. He’s a God nut! A GOP
mullah! He’s coming after your birth control! He “plays” with dead
babies! He’s obliterating the wall between church and state! Run for your lives!
While the headlines trumpet Santorum’s 2008 remarks about Satan
(gasp! a man who believes in God also believes in the devil! shocker!)
and stir up anti-religious bigotry, Santorum has been zeroing in on the
White House messiah’s destructive government policies.

Michelle Malkin

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