McCain 30, Giuliani 26, Gingrich 14, Romney 5

Now I’m going to read a list of candidates who might be running for the Republican Party presidential nomination in 2008. If the Republican presidential primary or caucus in your state were being held today, listen carefully to the names and then tell me which candidate you would be most likely to vote for.

John McCain 30%
Rudy Giuliani 26%
Newt Gingrich 14%
Mitt Romney 5%
Sam Brownback 3%
George Pataki 2%
Tom Tancredo 1%
Chuck Hagel 1%
Mike Huckabee 1%
Jim Gilmore 1%
Other 1%
Unsure 14%
Won’t vote 1%

Source: Schulman, Ronca, & Bucuvalas (SRBI) Public Affairs / Time
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 441registered American voters who are Republicans or lean Republican, conducted on Jan. 22 and Jan. 23, 2007. Margin of error is 3 per cent.

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