Islam Spreads in France

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Number of Mosques per Department of France in 2008:

Source: Brussels Journal

Moins de 5 is less than 5
Plus de 30 is more than 30

To this I can attest:
I have been in Paris and Strasbourg, and I can tell you both cities are crawling with Muslims. I was actually attacked with a sucker punch to the left cheek by one while I was taking photographs of the Ill River in Strasbourg, in the Republique area of the city. Luckily, he slinked away when I confronted him. That would be Department 67 on the map, in northeast corner of France.

It was pretty amazing how brazen this third-world intruder was, considering there were plenty of people around. France has gotten a reputation as a country full of people who are too afraid to do anything when they see Muslims commiting crimes, so of course they create a lot of crime. Perhaps my assailant did not know I was American, but when he found out he did not stick around long enough to finish what he had started. I could see his bravado quickly melting away when he realized he would not get me to back down. I was afraid he was concealing a weapon, but luckily this was not the case (or he chose not to use it).

Moral of the story: If you are threatened by a Western-hating Muslim, and as long as he doesn’t have a bomb-vest wrapped around him, slap him around some and then send him on his way. The French are too afraid to keep their own country clean.

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