Help Stop Illegals by Sponsoring Billboards


With Congress holding citizen hearings to decide the fate of the Senate amnesty plan, we are expanding the Stop The Invasion billboard campaign across the nation — to reach 15-20 states in all and tens of millions of people.

Sponsor One Foot, Two Feet, Five Feet… You Choose!
Your $25 gift helps sponsor one square foot of this billboard campaign and continues other vital Grassfire efforts. You simply decide how many square feet you want to sponsor — one, two, five, ten… you choose!

If and when the campaign expands to your state, we will automatically apply YOUR GIFT TODAY to your state’s billboard! Also, if you can sponsor at least two feet, we’ll send you your own “personal billboard” — a yard sign replica of the billboard you are sponsoring. Please note that Grassfire may change billboard locations at any time based on availability, need and other factors.

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