GOP Renaissance in the Northeast

After all the gleeful boasts by the media about the death of the Republicans in the Northeast, we now see things are about to change. Real Clear Politics 2010 Governor, House and Senate maps reveals the following Democrats who are in trouble:

District 4 and 5 is in trouble.
Mike Castle likely to pick up Senate seat.

District 1 likely GOP pick up.

District 10 is a toss-up.
And we already know about Scott Brown.

New Hampshire:
Both House seats are leaning toward the GOP.
GOP likely to keep Senate seat.

New Jersey:
District 3’s Adler in trouble.
Chris Christie now Governor.
Also, the GOP did unusually well in last November’s election at the local level for two years in a row.

New York: 
District 29 a likely GOP pick up.
Districts 1, 13, 19, 23, 24 are toss-ups.
District 20, 25 in trouble.
Senator Gillibrand in trouble.

District 7 and 12 are leaning toward the GOP.
Districts 8, 11, 17 are toss-ups.
Districts 3, 4 and 10 only lean toward the Democrats.
GOP likely to pick up the governorship.
Last November’s statewide judicial elections.

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