Georgia: Republicans Close to State Senate Supermajority

The Marietta Daily  Journal:

FIRST, state Sen. Doug Stoner (D-Smyrna) nearly got gerrymandered out of
his seat by this year’s legislative redistricting, which shifted its
borders deep into Republican-leaning Buckhead.

Now, it appears
that his reconfigured District 6 might be the most hard-fought of any in
next year’s elections. Moreover, it’s a race likely to have a vastly
disproportionate influence on state politics than the typical election.

Making matters even more unusual, that influence would not be based on geography or fundraising potential.

it’s all about numbers: The occupant of that seat, if Republican, would
represent the key “supermajority” vote. A supermajority occurs when one
party obtains two thirds of the votes, allowing it to put a
constitutional amendment before voters without interference from the
opposing party.

The 180-member Georgia House needs 120 votes to
achieve a supermajority, while the 56-member Georgia Senate needs 38,
Stoner said.

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