Flordia: Giuliani, Thompson, Romney, McCain all Lead Hillary

From the Rasmussen Reports web site:

“A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the presidential race in Florida shows former Big Apple Mayor Rudy Giuliani with a modest lead over Senator Hillary Clinton of 46% to 41%. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney leads the former First Lady 46% to 39%. Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson has a nine point edge 47% to 38% while Arizona Senator John McCain leads by ten, 48% to 38% These numbers flip the scenario Rasmussen Reports witnessed in an August poll of the race in Florida. Then, Clinton enjoyed a five-point edge on Giuliani and double-digit leads over Thompson, McCain, and Romney. Another change: today a lot more voters prefer a third option and express support for Some Other Candidate. It’s interesting to note the consistency of the numbers regardless of the Republican candidate matched against Clinton. All the GOP hopefuls earn between 46% and 48% of the vote while Clinton attracts 38% to 41%.”
Source: Rasmussen Reports

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