Disgusting Email from National Wildlife Federation Attacking Keystone Pipeline Jobs

Thanks to you, the endangered whooping crane and other treasured species are safe from the threat of toxic tar sands oil — for now.

Your support helped force the Administration’s recent decision to delay Keystone XL — a controversial pipeline that would carry up to 900,000 barrels per day of toxic tar sands oil from Canada to refineries on the Gulf Coast.

This is a huge win not only for whooping cranes, but also waterfowl, caribou, bald eagles and thousands of other treasured animals.

But our work is far from over. We still need your help in this fight.

The oil industry has redoubled their efforts to get this dirty pipeline approved. As a result, their allies in Congress bundled the Keystone XL issue into unrelated tax legislation. And that’s just the beginning. They’re determined to find a way to transport tar sands through our nation’s heartland.

Please donate to National Wildlife Federation today to help protect wildlife from dirty fuels and other threats. Together we’ll advocate for better pipeline safety standards, do grassroots work in impacted states and fight to stop dangerous projects like Keystone XL in their tracks.


Felice Stadler,
Director of Climate and Energy
[I thought God was the director of climate, not Felice]

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