Desperate Democrats Still Attacking Bush

ARLINGTON, VA - JUNE 12:  Virginia Democratic ...Instead of offering new ideas, Creigh Deeds attacks Bush. Image by Getty Images via Daylife Is that all they have to use as ammunition? I guess so:

Convinced that Americans still hold Bush responsible for the nation’s economic woes — and will show more patience with Democratic policies if reminded of their dissatisfaction with the eight years of his presidency — Democratic candidates have stepped up efforts to link GOP opponents to Bush, repeating a strategy that helped them take over Congress, the White House and a number of state offices in the past two election cycles. In Virginia, Democratic gubernatorial candidate R. Creigh Deeds has pounced on statements by Republican Robert F. McDonnell indicating that Bush’s tax cuts were good for the economy in the years after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. The Bush name has littered Deeds’s statements in the past week.

Washington Post
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