College Polls Show Obama Bias, Pro Pollsters Show Even Race

Hmm… could it be that maybe, just maybe, liberal college students taking classes taught by liberal college professors might have a bias in favor of Obama.

Polls released today by Quinnipiac University and Big 10 (Yes, like the college sports conference) show Obama with about a 5-12 point lead in states that professional pollsters show McCain leading in.

Quinnipiac has always skewed its polls toward the liberals, but this is so obvious that it deserves a mention in this post. The Big 10 poll is new, so I was not sure if it skewed liberal until now.

For example, take Florida:

Mason Dixon McCain leads by 1
Rasmussen McCain Leads by 1
Survey USA McCain Leads by 2
And these polls also oversample Democrats, so McCain’s lead is slightly larger.

But look at this Quinnipiac Poll, taken by Quinnipiac students:

Quinnipiac Obama leads by 5

More examples of this college bias can be found at the Real Clear Politics Electoral Map. Just open up the links to individual states. This is sad, because the Electoral Map is a good idea, but the college polls are throwing the professional numbers off, and the map remains flawed unless you correct it yourself (which Real Clear Politics encourages, since it is an interactive map).

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