North Dakota: Hoeven Won’t Seek Senate Seat

Too bad. We could have won this seat. Now the enemy will get to keep it without so much as having to lift a finger. John Hoeven should have run for the good of the country. Is North Dakota so great that he can’t bare to leave the place? Maybe—to each his own.

Cute Political Cartoon and Commentary

Pittsburgh: Weinroth Working Hard, Because He Has To

Florida: Nelson’s Record More Liberal Than Hillary and Schumer

Bill Nelson has done a good job of fooling Florida voters so far. But with more than a year left before he stands for reelection, there is plenty of time for the GOP to show the voters what Nelson’s true record is. That friendly face you constantly see on the cable news channels is a false image.

South Carolina: 2006—The Year Spratt Gets Splatted?

It seems that since there are not that many Democrats left in South Carolina, the Republicans are going to go all out rid the state of Congressman John Spratt. He is a thorn in the side and an embarrassment to the Palmetto state. With nobody else to focus on besides Spratt, it would be a shame if the GOP couldn’t lance this Carolinian boil in 2006.