Canadians Want More Power of Senator Selection

As you may know, several proposals have been made over the past few years to reform the Senate of Canada, do you support or oppose each of these ideas?
(“Support” answers only)

May 2008 Jan. 2008
Limiting appointed Canadian senators to eight-year terms 64% 62%
Allowing Canadians to directly elect their senators 60% 63%
Creating a panel of distinguished Canadians to
choose senators, instead of the prime minister
32% 29%
Abolishing the Senate of Canada altogether 30% 37%

Source: Angus Reid Strategies
Methodology: Online interviews with 1,005 Canadian adults, conducted from May 21 and May 22, 2008. Margin of error is 3.1 per cent.
Other poll highlights: 53% agree with Saskatchewan’s plan to hold elections to the Senate, with the PM appointing the winners
66% would hold referendum to decide the future of the Senate
32% would vote to abolish the Senate

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