Canadians Believe Northern Gateway Pipeline Will Be Built

The survey shows Canadians are split over whether the decision to allow energy company Enbridge to build an oil pipeline through northern Alberta and BC – provided it meets 209 conditions – was the correct one. Just over one-third (37%) say they think the decision was right. About the same number (34%) say the decision was wrong and nearly one-third (29%) say they aren’t sure.

Asked about those 209 conditions, just over forty per cent (43%) say they are enough to address concerns about the project, while 37 per cent say they’re not enough, and one-fifth (20%) say they aren’t sure.

When asked what factor should take greater priority in shaping this country’s energy policy, the majority of Canadians – 58 per cent – say protecting the environment is the biggest priority, while 42 per cent say the biggest priority is encouraging economic growth.

—Angus Reid

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