California Columnist ‘Hopes for Civility’ by Attacking Republicans

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More hypocrisy.

Here are some choice cuts from something called Larry Magid, writing for the San Jose Mercury News:

1. Palin’s “leadership” during this campaign served as a negative role model, implying that it’s OK to spread rumors and call people names. While she never said that Obama was a terrorist, she did say he pals around with them [True]. She also called him a “socialist,” [True] which gave ammunition to some on talk radio and in the blogosphere to imply that he’s a “Marxist” [True] and “communist” [True] and therefore a likely dictator [Remains to be seen].

2. It wasn’t just the presidential campaign that nauseated me. There was the comment by Rep. Michele Bachmann, [She is one awesome congresschick, by the way] R-Minn., to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews [Obama’s Bitch] implying that some members of Congress are un-American. [True. Hello!!!]

3. And who can forget defeated North Carolina Sen. Elizabeth Dole’s implication that her opponent (a Sunday school teacher) was “Godless.” [True. I guess it is okay to be Godless, but it is not okay to point this out because it ‘nauseates’ this moron.]

This guy goes on to compare people who dare disagree with him to ‘cyberbullies,’ which is a real problem. I guess Mr. Magid thinks people who think independent of him should be gotten rid of, just like cyberbullies should be done away with.

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