British Hostage Grab Helps More Americans Realize Iranian Threat

Which comes closer to your opinion: Iran is a threat to the United States that requires military action now, Iran is a threat that

Mar. 27 Mar. 10 Feb. 27
Threat requiring action now 18% 10% 15%
Threat that can be contained 54% 65% 56%
Not a threat at this time 18% 18% 20%
Not sure 10% 7% 9%

To the best of your knowledge, do you think Iran is currently providing weapons to insurgents in Iraq, or isn’t Iran doing that?

Yes, providing 65%
No, not doing that 12%
Not sure 23%

Source: CBS News
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 831 American adults, conducted on Mar. 26 and Mar. 27, 2007. Margin of error is 4 per cent.

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