Democrats Suffer Severe Enthusiasm Deficit

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Some 53 percent of Republicans and Republican leaners say they’re “more
enthusiastic than usual about voting,” compared with just 45 percent of Democrats and Democratic leaners, according to data from a USA Today/Gallup poll released Thursday. 

Christian Science Monitor

General Motors Laying Off 1300 due to Volt Failure

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“Even with sales up in February over January, we are still seeking to align our production with demand,” GM spokesman Chris Lee said.
The car company had hoped to sell 45,000 Chevy Volts in America this
year, according to the Detrot News, but has only sold about 1,626 over
the first two months of 2012.
Washington Examiner

Washington: Norm Dicks Retires, Doesn’t Think Dems Will Retake House

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So he’s cutting and running. WA-06 was D+5 under the old map, and
didn’t particularly change much under the new one (Washington is a rare
blue state that actually gained a district because of the last Census);
this district is still favorable to the Democrats, but it’s now
legitimately in play. And by all accounts it’s a blue-collar district
that is going to want a Democratic candidate that is pretty much like
Dicks in terms of defense policy; whether the Democratic party can find
them one – or one that can fake it well enough – is a matter of some
Red State

Obamacare Preview: Dutch Launch Mobile ‘Assisted Suicide’ Units

A controversial system of mobile euthanasia units that will travel
around the country to respond to the wishes of sick people who wish to
end their lives has been launched in the Netherlands.
The scheme, which started on Thursday , will send teams of specially
trained doctors and nurses to the homes of people whose own doctors have
refused to carry out patients’ requests to end their lives.

NBC News Attacks Breitbart Even in its Obituary

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In a report for Thursday’s NBC Nightly News, correspondent Andrea
Mitchell referred to Andrew Breitbart as “the shooting star of the
conservative blogosphere” and contemptuously remarked: “Breitbart, who called Senator Ted Kennedy a villain and worse when he died, called himself an ‘accidental cultural warrior.'”