Romney, Santorum to split Michigan’s delegates

As a result, Romney wins 21 delegates from the congressional district results, according to results posted by the Michigan Republican Party,
but only 14 of those delegates will be allowed to vote at the national
convention because the state broke national GOP rules by moving its
primary before the Super Tuesday contests next week.

Santorum wins 18 delegates from the congressional districts, but only 12
of those people will be able to vote at the national convention. 

Detroit Free Press

California: Congressman David Dreier Retiring

Rep. David Dreier's congress photo for the 109...
David Dreier via Wikipedia

Veteran Rep. David Dreier, one of California’s most influential
Republicans in Congress, announced Wednesday that he won’t be running
for reelection, perhaps the biggest casualty of the state’s first-ever
citizens-drawn political map, which cast him into a politically
inhospitable district.
Dreier is the sixth California House member to announce his
retirement when his term expires, further shaking up a delegation that
has built up clout on Capitol Hill because of its stability over the

LA Times

Santorum & Romney Lead Obama in Swing States

•Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum tops Obama 50%-45% in the swing states. Nationwide, Santorum’s lead narrows to 49%-46%.
•Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney edges Obama 48%-46% in the swing states. Nationwide, they are tied at 47% each.

USA Today via Campaign Spot

2 pts Seperate Santorum & Romney in Michigan

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Republican
Primary Voters in Michigan, taken Sunday night, finds Romney with 38%
support to Santorum’s 36%. Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former House
Speaker Newt Gingrich remain far behind with 11% and 10% of the vote
respectively. One percent (1%) likes another candidate in the race, and
five percent (5%) remains undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.) 

Rasmussen Reports

Republicans Increase Generic Congressional Ballot Lead Over Democrats

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A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 43% of
Likely U.S. Voters would vote for the Republican in their district’s
congressional race if the election were held today, while 39% would
choose the Democrat instead. Last week, the Republican led by just one point. 

Rasmussen Reports

Michelle Malkin Rips Apart Santorum’s Satan Lovin’ Attackers

Since when is considered bad to not like Satan?
Since Rick Santorum started saying bad things about him. Now Satan seems to be the Democrat’s biggest ally:

The secular media hounds (as well as GOP rivals) have framed Rick Santorum as a THEOCRAT!
— and they’ll say and do anything to lock him in. He’s a God nut! A GOP
mullah! He’s coming after your birth control! He “plays” with dead
babies! He’s obliterating the wall between church and state! Run for your lives!
While the headlines trumpet Santorum’s 2008 remarks about Satan
(gasp! a man who believes in God also believes in the devil! shocker!)
and stir up anti-religious bigotry, Santorum has been zeroing in on the
White House messiah’s destructive government policies.

Michelle Malkin

Chris Christie Takes on British Mediocrity, Piers Morgan

When CNN’s Piers Morgan preached that corporations should consider
actions in the national interest over the wants of their “ever-fattening
shareholders,” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) called him out
for “demagoguing” the issue. In an interview that aired Tuesday night,
Morgan suggested that companies like Apple should “take a hit” and bring
a percentage of their jobs back to America from China.

Virginia Senate Race: Allen 46, Kaine 46

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in the Old Dominion finds Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican George Allen both earning 46% support. Three percent (3%) prefers some other candidate, and five percent (5%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Election 2012: Virginia Senate
George Allen (R) 46%
Tim Kaine (D) 46%
Some Other Candidate 3%
Not Sure 5%

Thomas Sowell Attacks the “Fairness” Fraud

Even if additional tax revenue all went to poor single mothers —
which it will not — the multiple problems of children raised by poor
single mothers would not be cured by throwing money at them. Indeed, the
skyrocketing of unwed motherhood began when government welfare programs
began throwing money at teenage girls who got pregnant.

Children born and raised without fathers are a major problem to
society and to themselves. There is nothing “fair” about increasing the
number of such children.
Real Clear Politics

Sarah Palin Comes to Santorum’s Defense Against Liberal Attacks

“They will attack any conservative who boldly proclaims their faith and
talks about there is good in the world and there’s evil in the world and
that’s what Rick Santorum was talking about. And this was a speech that
he gave back in 2008 where he named evil as Satan. And for these
lame-stream media characters to get all wee-weed up about that, first
you have to ask yourself, ‘Have they ever attended a Sunday school class
even? Have they never heard of this terminology before?” And that’s why
they got so, you know, just whacked out about the speech,” Sarah Palin
told Sean Hannity on FOX News tonight.
Real Clear Politics