Washington State: Redistricting Creates 5 Democrat, 4 Republican & 1 Toss-Up

The map has the potential to shake up the state’s political landscape, according to Shannon’s reporting.

The bipartisan draft map appears to leave Democrats with strong
positions in five districts including (Adam) Smith and Dicks,
Republicans with strong positions in four districts including (Dave)
Reichert and Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler in the 3rd, which retains a band
of south Thurston County, all of Southwest Washington and all of
Klickitat County east of the Cascades.

Control of a new 10th Congressional District, however, is less certain.

Denny Heck, a longtime Olympia Democrat, ran in the right-leaning 3rd
district last year and lost to Herrera Beutler. He filed for another
run in 2012 and now appears positioned well to run in a new 10th, if the
new plan passes. Similarly, Republican Dick Muri lost to Smith last
year in the 9th and is raising money but has not designated which
district he’ll run in; he is positioned to run in the 10th, too.

University Place Patch

Massachusetts: Scott Brown’s Year End Fundraising Letter

English: Scott Brown, Republican U.S. Senator ...
Scott Brown via Wikipedia

It’s hard to believe that another year is almost over and another election season is almost upon us.

Despite all of the partisan dysfunction in Washington, I was proud to play a significant role in several pieces of serious legislation that will help improve our economy, put people back to work, protect America and end corrupt practices in Congress.  Some of the highlights include:

I led the way on two important pieces of jobs legislation that became law, including a bill to help put returning veterans back to work.  My “No Contracting With The Enemy” bill, supported by Gen. David Petraeus, prevents our tax dollars from flowing into the hands of terrorists.  And my STOCK Act will ensure Washington lives under the same laws as everyone else by banning insider trading by members of Congress.

But as the year comes to an end, we look ahead to a difficult and grueling election year.  The Washington/Beacon Hill special interests have already spent over $3 million on negative and misleading attack ads distorting my pro-jobs record.

But with your continued support, we’ll be able to fight back, set the record straight, and let voters know what is really at stake in 2012. 

Before the end of the year, will you please make a donation to help me raise the final $7,216 left to meet our 2011 fundraising goal? 

Thank you in advance for standing with me, and please have a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year.


Scott Brown

P.S. The crucial end of the year finance deadline is on Saturday.  Please help me raise the final $7,216 to meet our 2011 goal and send a loud message to the Beacon Hill/Washington political establishment by donating today.

Nevada: Republicans Looking Forward to Taking Control of Senate in 2012

Democrats could lose as many as five seats in the Nevada Legislature next year, a conservative Republican leader says.

Dan Burdish, executive director for Citizen Outreach, cited changes
made to election districts during redistricting in October and a recent
switch of 63,582 voters from active to inactive status by the Clark
County Election Department.

He predicted Thursday that Republicans will pick up two state Senate
seats, giving them a 12-9 majority in that house, and three Assembly
seats, leaving them trailing Democrats 23-19.

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Louisiana: Decade of Democrat Decline

Of the 49 states that
observe voter registration, four-sevenths require some affirmation of
partisan status. And of those 28 states, in 25 Democrat registrations
have declined since 2008 and in three-quarters of them Republican registrations have followed the same course. Meanwhile, those not affiliated (often called “independents” but legally in Louisiana known as “no party” registrants) have gone down in only 10.