Independents Still Dislike Obama

Obama 2008 Presidential CampaignImage by Barack Obama via FlickrAngus Reid:

Public support for President Barack Obama remains low in the United States, a new Angus Reid Public Opinion poll has found.
In the online survey of a representative national sample of 1,031 American adults, 40 per cent of respondents (unchanged since September) approve of Obama’s performance as president, while 52 per cent (-1) disapprove.
Obama is unable to reach the 50 per cent mark on approval in any of the country’s four main regions, getting his best numbers in the West (47%). One third of Americans (34%) strongly disapprove of the president’s performance, while 13 per cent strongly approve.

Nebraska: Redistricting Makes Another 2nd-District Win for Obama Almost Impossible

WASHINGTON - NOVEMBER 03:  U.S. President Bara...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeNebraska State Paper

Nebraska’s Republican-dominated Legislature succeeded in making it a lot tougher for President Obama to compete for one of Nebraska’s five electoral votes in 2012, according to new poll data.

And since the numbers don’t look good, it’s unlikely the president’s campaign would want to spend the money and human resources they poured into the Omaha-centric 2nd District in 2008.

Obama obviously has no chance of carrying Nebraska’s statewide vote next year. Even among Democrats his approval rating is only 68 percent.

Ohio: Joe the Plumber Finally Running for Congress

Joe the PlumberJoe the Plumber by
Bexar Republican via FlickrPolitico

After the future president was caught on camera telling Wurzelbacher
his plan aimed to “spread the wealth around,” GOP nominee John McCain
seized on the moment and used the exchange to demonstrate his difference
with Obama on tax policy.
Wurzelbacher later distanced himself from McCain, saying in 2010 that the Arizona senator “screwed my life up.”

This is an interesting district because Marcy Kaptur and Dennis Kucinich are two incumbent left-wing members of congress who have been thrown into this one district and forced to run against each other. Perhaps if they bloody each other up, Mr. The Plumber will have a chance to win.