Arizona: Grijalva Lead Over McClung Shrinks to 7 pts

Grijalva had the support of 42 percent of the voters in the poll, while [Ruth] McClung had the support of 35 percent. Another 23 percent were undecided.
“We’re very excited about it,” says Sam Stone, spokesman for the McClung campaign. “It clearly shows how much Raul Grijalva’s policies and his boycott have affected this race. Voters are definitely looking for an alternative of someone who is more interested in representing their constituents than making headlines.”
McClung, who works at Raytheon, is making her first run for political office.
Pat Burns of the Grijalva campaign had no immediate comment on the survey.

Tucson Weekly

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Gallup: Huge Enthusiasm Gap Favors GOP

The president is certainly reading the tea leaves accurately here. Our latest measure for the week of Sept. 20-26 shows Republicans with a 20-percentage-point lead over Democrats in terms of the percentage of voters who are “very” enthusiastic about voting. Additionally, preliminary modeling of the likely electorate using Gallup’s traditional likely voter questions (more on this next week) suggests that if current patterns persist, Republicans could have a double-digit lead in the national House vote on Election Day, which would translate into Republicans gaining well above the number of seats necessary to control the House.


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New Jersey: Frank Pallone Cast Deciding Vote to Allow Massive Tax-Hike

Republican congressional challenger Anna Little – responding to today’s House vote to adjourn Congress before holding a vote to enact legislation blocking planned tax hikes – this afternoon sharply criticized her opponent, 22-year incumbent Rep. Frank Pallone, for casting the deciding vote to adjourn Congress before acting to prevent a massive tax hike.
“Today, Frank Pallone showed why it’s time for him to leave Congress,” said Little. “With an economy in the ruts, he cast the deciding vote to adjourn the Congress before even holding a vote on whether or not to block a massive tax hike. His deciding vote will lead to continued uncertainty about what’s to come for our nation’s job creators, and will make job creation that much more difficult in the weeks and months to come.

Politicker NJ

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Washington: Rossi Takes 1 pt Lead Over Murray

Washington Survey of 750 Likely Voters
September 28, 2010  

Election 2010: Washington Senate
 Dino Rossi (R) 48%
 Patty Murray (D) 47%
 Some Other Candidate 2%
 Not Sure

Rasmussen Reports

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Ohio: Portman Leads Fisher by 13 pts, 50 to 37

Rob Portman, Director of the Office of Managem...Image via WikipediaRepublican Rob Portman, a senior official under former President George W. Bush, has opened a commanding 13-point lead over his Democratic rival in a Senate race in Ohio, a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday said.
Portman, budget director and U.S. trade representative in Bush’s administration, leads Democrat Lee Fisher 50 percent to 37 percent barely more than one month before the November 2 congressional election.

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Democrats May Lose Control of State Senate

Despite Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Andrew Cuomo having sizable leads in all four districts polled, the two Republican incumbents hold large leads while two at-risk Democrats are in statistical dead heats.
Democrats currently hold a 32-29 edge in the Senate, with one seat vacant because the incumbent Republican recently died.

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Massachusetts Governor: Patrick 35, Baker 34, Cahill 11, Stein 4

In the Globe poll, taken last week, [Deval] Patrick, a Democrat, won support from 35 percent of likely voters, compared with 34 percent for [Charles] Baker, a statistical tie given the poll’s margin of error. Cahill, the state treasurer who left the Democratic Party last year, continued to lag far behind with 11 percent. Green-Rainbow candidate Jill Stein got 4 percent, and 14 percent said they remain undecided.

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West Virginia Senate: Now Even Rasmussen Has Raese Leading Manchin

WV Survey of 500 Likely Voters
September 27, 2010

Election 2010: West Virginia Senate Special Election
John Raese (R) 48%
Joe Manchin (D) 46%
Some other candidate 2%
Not sure 4%
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California: Cecilia Iglesias Turns Loretta Sanchez / Van Tran Race into a Toss-Up

Cecilia Iglesias has never run for office before – not even a schoolyard campaign for class president. Yet her presence on the ballot this fall has changed the equation in the tightest Congressional race central Orange County has seen in years. She has only pennies to the big dollars put up by her heavyweight opponents, Democratic Rep. Loretta Sanchez and Republican Assemblyman Van Tran. But in a race that will likely be decided by only a few percentage points, every vote she wins costs one of them dearly.

OC Register

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Delaware: The Good Witch is Catching Up to the Cold-Blooded Marxist, 49 to 40

O'Donnell Bewitches GOPImage by Mike Licht, via Flickr
Delaware Survey of 500 Likely Voters
September 26, 2010

Election 2010: Delaware Senate
Christine O’Donnell (R) 40%
Chris Coons (D) 49%
Mike Castle 5%
Some Other Candidate 0%
Not Sure
Rasmussen Reports
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