California: Whitman Leads Brown, Campbell Leads Boxer

General Election Matchup: Governor (1,102 LVs, 3/9-16, MoE +/- 3%)
Whitman 44 (+8 vs. last poll, 1/12-19)
Brown 41 (-2)
Und 17 (-6)

Brown 46 (+2)
Poizner 31 (+2)
Und 23 (-4)

General Election Matchups: Senate
Campbell 44 (+3)
The Box 43 (-2)
Und 13 (-1)

The Box 44 (-4)
Fiorina 43 (+3)
Und 13 (+1)

The Box 46 (-1)
DeVore 40 (+1)
Und 14 (unch)

Source: Time (liberal pamphlet) via Real Clear Politics

Intrade Gives GOP 12% Chance of Picking Up 10 Senate Seats

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball is currently projecting a seven-seat pick up for the Republicans. The Rothenberg Political Report gives the Republicans between five and seven pick ups, with eight “certainly possible.” Congressional Quarterly predicts the Republicans will take at least four seats away from the Democrats, and judges four others as toss ups. On the other hand, four Republican seats are also rated as toss ups by CQ.

The latest betting on Intrade markets looks for the Republicans to pick up four Democratic seats. The Intrade markets give the Republicans about a 12% chance of controlling the Senate.

Finally, RealClearPolitics figures the Republicans will take seven seats, based on current polling data. 


North Carolina: Burr Continues to Enjoy Large Lead

Survey of 500 Likely Voters in North Carolina
March 22, 2010

Election 2010: North Carolina Senate
Richard Burr (R) 51%
Elaine Marshall (D) 35%
Some Other Candidate 6%
Not sure 8%
Election 2010: North Carolina Senate
Richard Burr (R) 51%
Cal Cunningham (D) 32%
Some Other Candidate 7%
Not sure 11%

Rasmussen Reports

North Dakota: Pomeroy in Trouble

North Dakota Survey of 500 Likely Voters
March 23-24, 2010

Election 2010: North Dakota House of Reps
Rick Berg (R). 51%
Earl Pomeroy (D). 44%
Some Other Candidate 1%
Not Sure. 4%

Source: Rasmussen Reports