Obama’s approval rating drops to lowest level


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Disecting the liberal ‘brain’

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Boxer Knighted by Obama

Overheard just moments ago…I, Barack Hussein Obama, grant thee Lady Barbara Boxer the fiefdom of
California in the name of Barack Hussein Obama and… uh… uh…Sh*t! My f*cking teleprompter's all f*cked up again!Uh… Me, Barack Hussein Obama does give you, uh… Barbara Boxless…
uh…F*ck! Hillary! Get off that phone, talkin' like a ho to that Putin
sh*t and come fix my teleprompter. I'm melting over here! Sh*t!…Uh… Me, Barack Hussein Obama do give you, uh… Barbara Boxface of
California the foofdom of California. Now, in the… Uh… In the name
of me, I declare you to be, uh… "Broad Barbie Boxer de California."Oh f*ck yeah, you got that teleprompter sh*t fixed! That's my b*tch,
Hillary…Ok… one more time…
I, Barack Hussein Obama, grant you, Senator Barbara Boxer, in the name
of Barack Hussein Obama, the fiefdom of California and I grant you the
title of "Dame Barbara of California."