Carrie Prejean Viewing Opportunity!

Carrie Prejean, America's Joan of Arc, will be the guest host on Fox and Friends on Wednesday.

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Fighting FOR Voter Fraud in Texas

Joe Straus, speaker of the Texas House, has attacked Democrat stalling tactics concerning the anti-voter fraud bill which has enough votes to pass if a vote could be taken. Unfortunately, the delaying tricks will probably keep the voter-protection law from passing before the end of the current session. Strange how the Democrats never seem to fight for the average American, but they really get their hackles up when it comes to protecting voter fraud.

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77% Think Government Spending is the Problem, Not Tax Payer ‘Selfishness’

Which is a better problem in the United States today?
Voters unwilling to pay enough in taxes 14%
Politicians unwilling to control government spending 77%
Not sureRasmussen Reports 8%

The 14% who blame the workers of this country for not paying enough taxes are mostly life-long welfare leeches or rich liberals who know the ropes when it comes to not paying taxes even though they expect us to keep paying more and more of our money for their

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Greece: Muslim Thugs Attack Athens Over Alleged Koran Defilement

Dozens of cars have been smashed, 14 people injured and 46 arrested in riots by Muslim migrants over the alleged defacing of a Koran by a policeman. Police fired tear gas and stun grenades at hundreds of protesters outside Parliament in the city centre. Police said they would investigate the allegation that an officer tore up an Iraqi migrant’s Koran while checking his identity papers in Athens last week. “But this isolated incident cannot justify these acts of violence,” said Interior Minister Christos Markoyiannakis.Source: The Age (Australia)

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Minnesota: Tim Pawlenty Leads 9 Democrats

In hypothetical head-to-head match-ups, Pawlenty today defeats…
Paul Thissen, a Minneapolis-area state representative, by 19 points.
Tom Bakk, a state senator representing parts of northeast Minnesota, by 18 points.
John Marty, a state senator from Roseville, by 17 points.
Margaret Anderson Kelliher, Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives, by 17 points.
Susan Gaertner, County Attorney for Ramsey County, by 14 points.
Matt Entenza, former Minnesota State House Democratic Leader and 2006 candidate for Attorney General, by 14 points.
Chris Coleman, mayor of St. Paul and unrelated to Norm Coleman, by 11 points.
R. T. Rybak, mayor of Minneapolis, today trails Pawlenty by 5 points. Pawlenty leads by 33 points among men; Rybak leads by 15 points among women — a 48-point gender gap. Pawlenty carries Republicans 7:1; Rybak carries Democrats 5:1; Independents favor Pawlenty by 18 points. Mark Dayton, former United States Senator from Minnesota, trails Pawlenty by 4 points, within the margin of sampling error and effectively even this far from the election. Pawlenty leads by 23 points among men; Dayton leads by 13 among women — a 36-point gender gap. Dayton leads in northeastern Minnesota and southern Minnesota; Pawlenty leads in the Twin Cities area and the western portion of the state.
Survey USA

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Americans Against California Handout: 59 to 24

Forty-eight percent (48%) say it would be better for the economy to let California go bankrupt rather than provide federal bailouts. Just 38% said it would be better to provide federal subsidies so the state can continue to pay its bills and provide services.
Rasmussen Reports

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Survey USA has the Republicans ahead in Virginia while Quinnipiac, Monmouth University and Strategic Vision have Christopher Christie leading Corzine. To sweep these two races would be a nice momentum builder for 2010.

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