Mexico: Even More Corruption on the Horizon?

Which party would you vote for in the next election to the Chamber of Deputies?

Feb. 2009 Dec. 2008
Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) 41% 36%
National Action Party (PAN) 29% 39%
Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) 17% 16%
Green Environmentalist Party (PVEM) 5% 3%
Workers Party (PT) 4% 1%
New Alliance Party (PNA) 2% 3%
Convergence for Democracy (CD) 1% 2%
Social Democratic Party (PSD) 1%

Source: Reforma
Methodology: Face-to-face interviews with 1,247 Mexican registered voters, conducted from Feb. 13 to Feb. 15, 2009. Margin of error is 2.8 per cent.

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Senate Votes to Ban So-Called ‘Fairness Doctrine’

But the House needs to do the same, and Obama would have to sign it…

The Senate voted Thursday 87-11 to prevent the FCC from reinstating the fairness doctrine, not that the FCC had indicated plans to do so.

The vote was on an amendment, itself amended, to an unrelated bill, the D.C. Voting Rights Act.

For that vote to block fairness reimposition to stand, the Voting Rights Act needs to pass in the Senate and the fairness amendment would have so survive a conference process with the House version.

The Broadcaster Freedom Act, introduced by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC), could initially have also prevented the commission from taking some proposed steps to bolster localism, including setting up advisory boards to give broadcasters guidance on public interest programming.

Those have been criticized by some Republicans as a back-door attempt to reinstate the doctrine.

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Obamamania Hits the Skies: Airline Considers Charging Fee to Use the Lavatory

Mr [CEO Michael] O’Leary, famous for his uncompromising approach to cost-cutting, said he was considering attaching coin slots to the doors, similar to those used in train stations.
He said: “One thing we have looked at in the past and are looking at again is the possibility of maybe putting a coin slot on the toilet door so that people might actually have to spend a pound to spend a penny in future.
“We are always, at Ryanair, looking at ways of constantly lowering the cost of air travel and making it affordable and easier for all passengers to fly with us.”
London Telegraph

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Leftist Congressional Candidate Scott Murphy Calls Military Racist, Sexist

Murphy supported the outrageous position of the Congressional Black Caucus which claimed that “racism has become institutionalized at all levels of the military…Black and other minority service men are victims of discrimination from the time they enter the services to the time they are discharged”

If fact, he wrote that the military is discriminatory pretty much across the board. “The military not only discriminates on the basis of sexual preference but also on the basis of sex and race.”

Scott Murphy is your typical anti-military liberal. He went to Harvard and fought against bringing ROTC back to the campus. He made a fortune cashing in on the dot-com money mountain, but now wants to raise your taxes.

Murphy’s opponent, Republican Jim Tedisco, serves as the minority leader in the state Assembly and has many accomplishments both as a public servant and as an educator. And he totally supports our military.

Move America Forward Freedom PAC wants to get up to Albany and formally endorse Tedisco and point out the flaws with Murphy. The people of upstate New York need to hear the truth before the MoveOn and Code Pink crowd start their screaming. Please contribute today to help us win this important special election for those who support our troops.
Move America Foreward

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