Obama Supporter Assaults Female McCain Volunteer in Manhattan

While the Democrat-leaning media continues to scare undecided voters with bedtime stories about some mythical angry McCain supporter whom nobody has seen, here is a real district attorney’s complaint documenting an unprovoked assault by an enraged Democrat against a McCain volunteer in midtown Manhattan: “Defendant grabbed the sign [informant] was holding, broke the wood stick that was attached to it, and then struck informant in informant’s face thereby causing informant to sustain redness, swelling, and bruising to informant’s face and further causing informant to sustain substantial pain.”
Pajamas Media

Lunatic! Al Franken Takes a Run at Senator Coleman After Debate

Al Franken has shown himself to be an angry, easily enraged man and after the October 16 Minnesota Senatorial candidate’s debate he allowed his overwrought emotional state to send him over the edge once again. After the debate was over and the Media had turned off their microphones and cameras, Franken rushed over to Senator Norm Coleman’s table and proceeded to angrily get in his face over some point or another made during the debate. Franken was getting so angry that his own wife had to rush over and force him to back off from a mounting confrontation with Coleman.

Yahoo/AP Poll Backfires on Liberal Media

873 Democrats
650 Republicans

That is the sampling of the Yahoo!/AP poll that has caused so much controversy today. And even with that sampling, Obama manages to scratch out only a 2 pt lead over John McCain. In other words, if the poll had been weighted fairly, it would have shown McCain leading.

This poll which used 223 more Democrats than Republicans was caused by one of 2 things:
1. The media tried to give Obama a giant head start in the poll by grotesquely over-sampling Democrats. It was assumed such a giant advantage would give Obama a double-digit lead in the polls to counter-act most of the other polls which show McCain reducing Obama’s lead to almost nothing. Well, Mainstream Media, it did not work. Boomerang!

2. The other possiblity is that they took an honest poll in the beginning and when they found that John McCain had a strong lead, they started chopping off Republicans from the list of poll participants until they were able to give Obama a modest lead.
It took getting rid of over 200 Republicans to accomplish this.

And finally, I went to the Yahoo! website and I could not find a mention of THEIR OWN POLL!
They did point to other polls that showed Obama with a larger than 2 pt lead, but their own poll was spiked because of Liberal Bias.