Australia: 200 Extremists March Against Cheney Visit

Iraq: Terrorists Practicing With Baby WMDs

Britney Nicole Spears in Rehab for the 3rd Time in Week

Don’t Forget About Us

Hi, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc.
I know Anna Nicole Smith really important, but could you keep Darfur and similar regions on Earth in your thoughts once in a while?

Peru: Garcia Losing Popularity

Do you approve or disapprove of Alan García’s performance as president?

Feb. 2006 Dec. 2006 Oct. 2006
Approve 50% 52% 57%
Disapprove 37% 30% 24%

Source: Apoyo / El Comercio
Methodology: Interviews with 1,503 Peruvian adults, conducted from Feb. 14 to Feb. 16, 2007. Margin of error is 2.7 per cent.

UK: A Conservative Party Led by Cameron Would Win by 13 pts.

If at the next election the Conservatives are led by David Cameron, Gordon Brown leads Labour and Menzies Campbell leads the Liberal Democrats, how would you vote; Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat or for another party?

Feb. 2007 Nov. 2006 Sept. 2006
Conservative 42% 40% 38%
Labour 29% 32% 30%
Liberal Democrat 17% 20% 21%
Other 12% 8% 11%

Source: ICM Research / The Guardian
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 1,000 British adults, conducted from Feb. 16 to Feb. 18, 2007. No margin of error was provided.

No Outcry for Nader, Jeb Bush or Gore to Run in ’08

Do you want Ralph Nader / Jeb Bush / Al Gore to enter the 2008 presidential race?

Nader Bush Gore
Yes 14% 16% 26%
No 65% 74% 64%
Don’t know 29% 10% 10%

Source: Opinion Dynamics / Fox News
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 900 registered American voters, conducted on Feb. 13 and Feb. 14, 2007. Margin of error is 3 per cent.

Hillary Secretly Supporting Obama to Keep Edwards Down?

Everyone knows that Barack Hussein Obama would have almost no chance in the general election, and almost as small a shot against Hillary. But could it be that Hillary’s Henchmen are propping up Obama in order to split the anti-Hillary vote in the Democratic primary? If this is true, then it a a masterful, diabolical stroke of genius by the Hillary Mafia.

The Democrat who would have the best chance of winning the general election has been shunted aside into third place by the liberal media’s fascination with the first black/mulato candidate that they mistakenly believe has a real shot of winning.

I think it’s great, because I was most afraid of John Edwards. So go ahead, keep pushing the race as being only between Hillary and Obama. This suits me nicely.