‘Real Clear Politics’ Shows GOP Underdogs Gaining Ground

Oregon Governor: Kulongoski lead continues to slip; down to 5 pts.
Kansas Governor: Sebelius lead down to single digits
Iowa Governor: Nussle ties Culver at 46.
Ohio Governor: Strickland within 8 pts. (This should also help Senator DeWine)
Wisconsin Governor: Green within 2 pts of Doyle
Florida Governor: Crist leads by 13.
Minnesota Senate: Kennedy quickly closes 20+ gap, down by only 8 pts.
Tennessee Senate: Corker retakes lead, up by 6 pts.

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Virginia: Voters Turning Back on Jim Webb’s Lies, Allen Leads by 6 pts.

New Zealand: National Party Gains Large Lead Over Labour

What party would you vote for in the next general election?

Sept. 2006 Aug. 2006 Jul. 2006
National 49% 45% 45%
Labour 38% 43% 43%
Green 6% 3% 4%
Maori Party 3.3% 3% 2%
New Zealand First 1.4% 3% 2%
ACT 0.8% 1% 2%
United Future 0.7% 1.5% 0.8%

Source: Colmar Brunton / One News
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 1,200 New Zealand voters, conducted from Sept. 18 to Sept. 21, 2006. Margin of error is 3.2 per cent.

Japan: Abe’s Ratings Very High

Do you approve of disapprove of Shinzo Abe’s cabinet?

Approve 65.0%
Disapprove 16.2%

Source: Kyodo News
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 1,001 Japanese adults, conducted on Sept. 26, 2006. No margin of error was provided.

Americans Realizing UN is not Their Friend

a) Do you have a favourable or unfavourable opinion of the United Nations?

Sept. 2006 Nov. 2004
Favourable 31% 44%
Unfavourable 45% 42%

Source: Rasmussen Reports
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 1,000 American adults, conducted on Sept. 25 and Sept. 26, 2006. Margin of error is 3 per cent.
b) Overall, do you believe the policies of the United Nations are pro-American or anti-American?

Anti-American 37%
Pro-American 24%
Both 12%
Neither 10%
Don’t know 17%

Source: Opinion Dynamics / Fox News
Methodology: Telephone interviews with 900 American likely voters, conducted on Sept. 26 and Sept. 27, 2006. Margin of error is 3 per cent.