2 New Jersey Papers That Endrosed Obama Endorse Christie!

Home News Tribune”A vote for Chris Daggett is a vote for Jon Corzine,” the editorial said. “Chris Christie should be the clear choice as the only candidate exhibiting the courage to meaningfully talk about what the state can’t afford. He receives our endorsement.”Courier Post
“Earlier in the year Christie appeared a potential shoo-in for victory. He had built a reputation as a corruption-busting U.S. attorney, a resume that resonated with New Jerseyans terribly weary of dirty politicians in their midst. He also carried with him the promise of a cost-cutting Republican who could rein in the Trenton Democratic spending machine devouring the state. “But that message has gotten lost. A few minor skeletons tumbled out of his closet — a poor driving record, an undisclosed loan to a co-worker. But the overriding negative perception of Christie is also entirely unfair, that he’s a would-be tax cutter without a plan. Blame a poorly constructed campaign for that, not Christie. “Fact is, Christie has offered many specific ideas on how to cut government spending, mirroring much of Gannett New Jersey’s own 20-point plan to ease New Jersey’s tax crush. Pension reforms, requirements for public employees to contribute more toward their benefits, a two-thirds legislative supermajority for all tax increases — they’ve all been proposed by Christie, along with many other initiatives.”Via PolitickerNJ

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